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Visual Arts Academy


The Visual Arts program is designed for students to find and develop their voices as artists. We are committed to the untrained beginner with a lifelong desire to study art as well as to those who have had opportunity and come to us with impressive portfolios. The passion to create is the common thread that ties our academy together. A student who graduates in visual arts will have created a visual arts portfolio suitable for achieving college and/or career path goals.

Our award-winning teachers serve as mentors, instructors, career counselors and living examples of artists with a strong belief and commitment to education—the passing of knowledge and mastery of the arts and academia to the next generation. Our state-of-the-art facilities afford students safe, clean, spacious environments in which to create and learn.

The Visual Arts curriculum is guided by the California State Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts (Proficient and Advanced). Academics and the arts, at strategic points, are integrated and thematically aligned to assist in better connection with students inclined toward the visual arts. All VAPA students are working toward becoming critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible and socially aware citizens.

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